Saturday, October 31, 2009

Still trying to dig myself out of the hole

It has been quite a crazy week. My sister had a routine doctor's appointment that turned into quite a fiasco. She apparently has some fluid around her lung that is from her gall bladder surgery. The pain it was causing was like the pain her autoimmune disease causes, so she thought it was just another pain. We ended up with x-ray, extra doctor visit, ct scan, and awaiting decision of surgeon and lung doctor. Either wait and see if it will go away or do surgery to remove the fluid--it has no congealed and has to be scraped out. YUCK! However, it is causing her great pain and apparently the doctors don't want to just leave it in there forever. Not sure what would happen if they did.

Working to get things put back together so that I can start making cards again and posting samples. Just finished putting all of my recent unity stamp purchases up--but some more are on their way. May have to add a wing onto the house for them ..... LOL! Love my stamps. Will be making time to use them in the very near future.

This week has a few doctor visits in it and dog sitting at the end of the week for my parents. They are going to visit friends out of state and I will keep their "baby", Bandit. He is a very pampered chihuihua. It's a wonder he can even walk since they hardly ever let him touch the ground. He is such company for them and brings them such joy.

Getting ready to start decorating the house for Christmas. Didn't ever get the tree up last year, so that can't happen again. None of us felt like it was even Christmas--just not normal not to have a tree. I tend to decorate every nook and cranny, so it was awful not having the decorations up. I've been going to some Stampin Up Stamp Camps and making Christmas cards. That will help a lot getting Christmas cards made for this year.

Just three weeks and my sister who lives out of state will be here for Thanksgiving. Haven't seen her since Memorial Day. So looking forward to her visit. Miss her, but am so glad that she is happy finally.

Loving the cooler fall weather. The colors are really pretty too--not like up in the northeast, but pretty for here. Happy Halloween everyone!

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