Thursday, October 22, 2009


Sorry for the long absence. I kind of fell into a funk and let things go. Overwhelmed by doctor appointments for me and my sister. Getting procedures done in preparation for the gastic bypass surgery later this year. I've also worked at the scrapbook store, been to a retreat, attended some FANTASTIC classes at the store, and participated in a cancer crop in honor of one of our dear scrapbook friends. Been super busy, now trying to put scrapbook room back together after all of these activities. Gotta get back to making cards on a weekly basis. Also gearing up for my son's lapband surger in about a month or so. Oh, so much is going on. I will try to put some posts up and get some cards made. I also made a scrapbook at the retreat--well, maybe not a whole scrapbook, but made a lot of pages in one. It is documenting my son's trip to NASA in Florida in 2007. I'll try to get some photos taken of some of the pages in the next week or so.

Spent a wonderful evening with my friends, Valerie and Teresa, at a Stampin Up Stamp Camp. We had so much time. It is amazing how theraputic an evening with friends doing something you all love can be. Looking forward to another evening with them in a couple of weeks.

I'll talk to you all later.


Tinker and JingeBear's Mom said...

Good for you! Get back out there and shine. You deserve it! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog about my scripture scrapbook. I'm happy to hear I've inspired you, and will be checking now and again (no pressure!) to see your progress. Hugs!! ~ky

Randi said...

Good luck with all the surgeries!!

You are going to love your Bingo stamp when you get it!