Wednesday, December 30, 2009

On the Path to a Thinner Me

I'm nine days post surgery (gastric bypass). I've lost 10 pounds since my surgery. Very pleased that the pain was no worse than it was. I did not skimp on the pain medication, even though it wasn't the best tasting stuff. When I needed it, it didn't bother me that it tasted bad. However, the last time I hurt enough to even consider it, it was difficult to get it down. So, I guess our bodies remind us to take what we need to take.
I am eating a soft food diet right now. Really supposed to be on full liquids, but just can't get any more of that stuff down. I want food. So, I'm compromising and eating really soft food for now so that I don't jeapardize anything. Not sure what would happen, but don't want to chance any major problems. Having difficulty getting vitamins and calcium down and I think a lot of that is due to the liquid diet I've been on. Everything was sweet and now all I want is salt and non-sweet food. I think it will all level out when I am able to eat a bigger variety of foods. My mother invited us to the annual New Years lunch at her house, but I bowed out when I heard they were having fried okra. She and I both think that would be cruel and unusual punishment since that is probably my favorite food. It's not the pre-breaded stuff -- it is home-cooked. So good with black-eyed peas and cornbread - YUMMMMMMMM. Just don't think I could stay out of it, or if I did, it would be pure misery. So, will wait till further down this path to attempt anything like that. If the peas were something I could have, it might be possible. However, cannot have those for six weeks.
My son has his surgery on Monday and I hope his recovery is as good as mine was. The doctor did not realize how far away from the hospital we lived (1-1/2 hrs.). I was dismissed 23 hrs. after surgery and the trip home almost did me in. Pain medication wouldn't touch the pain level so we called the doctor. He was upset to learn about the LONG drive home so am hoping that he will keep my son a little longer. He allowed me to take an extra 1/3 dose of pain medication and that was just enough to kick the pain and we were able to keep it well under control after that. He me just direct us to give my son some medicene in route to keep the pain from being to intense. Of course, he does have youth on his side.
I have taken very good care of myself since surgery and been really lazy. I overdid it Christmas and the day after, but have really been lazy since then. Tomorrow I am going to work on my scrapbook room and see how I hold out doing that. The doctor didn't really give me any directions as to activity levels and when, so I may be not as active as they would like, but don't want any complications. Looking forward to scrapbooking and helping my son with his recovery.

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