Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Even though I don't have a garden at home - would love one if I had a gardener - we fell in love with two gardens in two different states. I have finished scrapbooking the garden in Arkansas, and just started the one in Florida. I love the photos and the paper I used, so they aren't full of embellishments. I thought the paper and the photos were enough. A few pages could use a little something else, but wasn't sure what and didn't want to mess them up. I did this at the last retreat I went to and had a blast. The slideshow is on the right hand side of my webpage.

Cat's is hosting a National Scrapbook Day retreat this year. It starts tomorrow afternoon and I am counting the minutes!!! SOOOO need the time to recharge and get away from the demands of life. I have so many unfinished projects and classes that packing is going to be a breeze. I'm just packing all of these unfinished projects, so it won't take much to get ready---YEAH!. She is offering 4 classes, and I signed up for all of them. One is with Ten Seconds Studio and learning to use their metal--can't wait for that! We have an ultra-talented scrapbooker in our midst and she is teaching a mini-album class. I'll finally have something that looks like Nanci's stuff!!! I hope you all have as much fun as I plan to have this National Scrapbook Day weekend.

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