Saturday, April 11, 2009


Sorry for the long break between posts, just been really busy lately. Also been having some anxiety problems, but have an appointment this week with my family physican about adjusting my medicene. I've been working on my scrapbook area and hope to have some photos for my blog so you can see what I've finally worked out. I am hoping to finally getting it organized in a way that works better. It has taken quite a while to get it done, but should be well worth all of the work--lots of it was tedious, but necessary.

We had a lot of fires in our area last week, but our immediate area wasn't affected. However, neighboring towns were. I just received an e-mail from a friend whose home was almost burned, but not. The fire came right up to the back of her house, but it was spared. So many people lost their homes in Oklahoma. Our winds were around 40 mph, but their winds were around 70 mph. That combined with the drought, low humidity - FIRE! We are getting a little rain tonight - YEAH!

Will get some photos taken of the scrapbook I worked on at the retreat back in March. Some pages are rather simple, but the paper and the photos are so beautiful, I wasn't quite sure how to embellish without taking away from their beauty. Hopefully, I will learn how to do that in the future. Counting on lots more scrapbooking time with the room set up properly now. With all of the tools, paper, etc. . . just no excuse unless I'm busy helping someone out.

Really like the Creative Therapy website and have my book ready to start working on that. Also love the OLW, One Little Word challenges. The Creative Therapy is something I am really looking forward to doing. Going to spend some time tomorrow afternoon hopefully finishing up the room so there is lots of room to CREATE!!!


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vtpuggirl said...

Glad everyone's house is safe! Love the OLW challenge too!