Wednesday, March 25, 2009


This is a card I made a while back. Just love those Technique Tuesday stamps with the flourish-y words. So much fun!

We got some much needed rain today. Not a lot, but it was moisture, just the same. I was driving towards the metroplex and the rain was harder over where I was driving - of course. On our evening news tonight, they showed an accident that happened in the Dallas area this afternoon. A truck was rear-ended by another vehicle and it pushed a sharp crowbar into the cab and impaled a 10 year old boy and his mother. It didn't completely go through the mother, and they were able to remove her from the truck and get her to the hospital in serious condition. They worked for over an hour trying to remove the boy from the truck. They cut the bar in half and transported him to the hospital with it still in him. The mother is actually injured worse than her son, but both should recover. One of those thing I have seen in TV shows, but never it actually happening on our local news!

The Office Depot in Weatherford is closing. They do not have a good location, so the poor economy was just too much for them. Got some great deals, though. Binders. foam tape, envelopes, coin envelopes, etc. I think they will be back in a few years when the population is up and hopefully they will get a better location. The Office Max was just easier to get too and had been there longer. Still, sad to see them go--they had good sales and were convenient.

Unfortunately, we are seeing lots of businesses struggle to make it though this tough economy. Really have to support our local scrapbook stores so that they can make it through. Cat's is doing well--she has a great business head on her shoulders and works her butt off! Constantly has new product in and all kinds of activities. I've got to go in and pay for all of the classes I want to take at the National Scrapbook Day Retreat. So looking forward to all of the classes and fun to be had at the retreat. Never enough money to purchase all of the goodies--just have to pick and choose. As my husband pointed out, "You are going to have to quit bringing this stuff in. There just isn't enough room." Sad to say, he is right. I'm bringing it in quicker than I'm using it. So, it does pile up. Good excuse to get ready to scrap my heart out and use up some of these supplies!
I have been rearrainging the scrapbook area. When I finish, I will try to put some photos on the website.
Going to a high school buddies' house tomorrow to scrapbook. We were friends all through school and then lost touch. However, scrapbooking has brought us back together, so we are getting together for the first time at her house to scrapbook. So looking forward to lots of fun. I'm taking unfinished projects--easy to pack and it will get them out of my way and off of my mind.
Have a great evening--time for bed. My dog and I both had our nightly snack of baby carrotss. I love how she begs for them!!!

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vtpuggirl said...

A beautiful card, esp the lettering! At least you still have your LSS it sounds like, mine is long gone. The closest one is over an hour away.