Thursday, February 26, 2009


This is a card I made while back. Love the label/journaling stamp from Technique Tuesday! I love the blue and yellow combination - cheery - and I need cheering up today.

I know we all experience major frustration when dealing with customer service at times. I have learned a valuable lesson in rebates, etc. while trying to get a compact camera to carry with me. I made the mistake of ordering a camera that was out of stock and then, because it was free after rebate, I ordered a printer as well. Didn't care anything about the printer, just ordered it because it was "free". Of course, the printer came in, the camera never did, so I now have a printer that I never really wanted. I thought that another rebate would cover my purchase as long as I received a camera, so I cancelled the order for the original camera and purchased another camera. But, because of some fine print and the way the moon was aligned with Jupiter (lol:(), I don't qualify for either rebate. They are supposed to be working on a way for me to return the printer, since I have had it longer than 30 days, but never used it. Keep your fingers crossed on that one. If they will not accept the printer, I will return the camera and just not purchase any more items from them. Too bad, since they had some really great scrapbook items, nestabilities, and other items I really liked--with good prices. But this really made me mad since I have waited since January 4th for the camera and no camera until I cancelled the original order and ordered a different model. AARRGGHHH!~!!!!
OH WELL, live and learn. Off to do some cleaning. A clean environment is good for the soul.

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