Thursday, March 19, 2009


Thought I would share a card I made a while back. I love dry embossing - it adds so much interest to a card!

These are photos from our retreat--everyone having a blast. Cat totalling up our purchases --seeing how much damage we did to our pocketbooks. It was SO much fun. We had some fantastic girls from Rockwall with us for the first time this retreat. They were so much fun--hope they come back. Can't wait for the National Scrapbook Day retreat. Cat has a make and take this Saturday with Ten Seconds Studio's metal--looking forward to that!

Sorry for the long dry spell between posts. I've been crazy busy with all kinds of things. Lots of visits with my CASA family; helping my sister apply for unemployment; helping my sister apply for disability; taking her to her doctors; going to the doctor, dentist, and therapist myself; of course, worked in a scrapbook retreat in there as well.

Amidst all of the chaos, spring has arrived! So beautiful. And we received a couple of inches of rain! YEAH! Helped with the drought--still need lots more, but so thankful for what we received. Our weatherman showed lake levels--still low since this rain was absorbed into the ground - not much runoff for the lakes. But, it helped and reduced the fire danger some. I know so many parts of the country can relate to this. Here is a photo of a cardingal with beautiful spring green behind him. So many birds, so little time!!! JUST LOVING IT ALL!

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