Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Since I haven't actually put any photos or journaling in my project 365 binder, I have decided to start with this past Sunday. This will start my project with the beginning of a new presidency and alleviate my feelings of guilt at not getting started earlier. Things have been crazy, as usual, with something different happening every day--other than what was SUPPPOSED to happen. I truly believe in that saying that "NORMAL is just a setting on your washing machine."

Good things ARE happening, even though we may just have to look a little harder for them. Sometimes the little things are the BEST things. I forgot about a "Scentsy" party I was supposed to go to last night. The owner of my LSS was hosting it at her store after hours. She called to remind me of it and it was so nice. While there, she asked me if I would be interested in teaching a card class once a month at her store. WOW! My first thought was whether or not I would have time, since it seems my life just never goes as planned and more is being added to it all of the time. However, this is part of my dream. When I quit my job, I had a dream of teaching classes and becoming a scrapbook designer to some extent. I would love to be published (however, I think you actually have to submit pages to magazines for that to happen!:)) So, I am going to discuss this with her today and see if we can come to an agreement about the time, etc. Because I do have some other committments and will be out of town some, we will have to work out a schedule.

So, I have added a quote to my webpage on the right side. This is from a magnet I picked up in Fredricksburg a few years ago. It is a great reminder to me as I continue on this adventure of not having a "paying" job, but sometimes being overwhelmed by everyone's requests for my time and help. It is a reminder to do take the time to do at least some of the things I wanted to do when I quit my job, yet making sure I take care of my family. Between helping my parents, sister, and trying to take care of my husband with his health issues, it is hard to remember to take time for the other things that are important to me. So, like all women, I am juggling and trying to keep all of the balls in the air while remembering to take time to actually enjoy this wonderful life.

While I didn't vote for President O'Bama, he has my prayers for a VERY successful presidency. Our country needs for him to be successful. I enjoyed watching the inauguration yesterday and was very touched when the Bushes boarded the helicopter bound for Texas. We will be glad to get them back in our state and they represented the spirit of Texas with their graciousness and warmth toward the O'Bama family. The media seemed surprised at the hugs between the families, but that is just the way the Bush family is. They are very honorable people and I hope and pray that our new President continues that legacy.

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