Monday, January 19, 2009


OK, so my picture taking hasn't been so great. I have three days coming up where I can get caught up on project 365 and see what I need photos of. I have a new small camera on order that will easily fit in my purse. I may have a hard time doing this project until the new camera arrives. Yesterday I am not using a photo - just Butch and Bryans' stars tickets and dart pass from their adventure. I didn't take a photo today, buy may drive over to the church and take a photo of it since we went to church today. Once I get my small camera in my purse, it will be easier to remember and bring out the camera to take a quick photo. right now I just want to get the project caught up. Things have been busy, but are going to get even busier. So I need to get it caught up now, while I can.
Butch's tooth is doing well. He gets to go for his root canal tomorrow morning. They are also going to attempt to put the bridge in place as well. I just dont' want him to have to stay int a dental chair for hours at a time like he has the last couple of times. Hopefully all will go well.

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