Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Sleet and ice in North Texas today. The birds are flocking to the bird feeders in the back yard. Beautiful!! This spotted towhee came to eat a bite. I have never seen this bird before and so, this day has been great! My bird book classifies this bird as uncommon, so it is even more exciting to see it in our back yard! I work at Cat's today, but we are not opening until noon because of the ice. Since the high today is supposed to be in the 40-50's, the roads should be clear by then. She is at CHA buying lots of new product for the store. However, she has put lots of goodies on sale (to make room for the new merchandise), so I have a large stack of things to purchase when she returns. It is hard enough to work in the store without spending a fortune. However, that sale merchandise is impossible to stay out of. I've got to pare back my stack a little - just can't afford it all. So, amidst working on the projects for the Girl Scout classes she has scheduled, I've got to take the scalpel out and do some difficult surgery on my stash. No anesthesia to help with the pain either!!! :) Of course, there is the problem of what to do with all of it when it comes to my house - just got to remind myself of that little problem too! And then, when will I have time to actually use it all???? Oh, the things we do to ourselves.
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