Sunday, January 11, 2009


My photo for January 10th - my son on his 25th birthday. We went out to eat at Chilis in Fort Worth and then went to Bass Hall for the Fort Worth Symphony performance of Brahm's 3rd Symphony. We went in three separate cars, since my husband isn't a fan of classical music and my son had to go on to work. My poor husband is having major dental issues and has spent the weekend on pain pills and antibiotics. He is going tomorrow to have X-Rays done to see how much infection there is. It is a tooth that was crowned, the crown fell off, and we are probably looking at a root canal in his future. FUN! He is awaiting a bridge that they have been working on. So, the dentist chair is a very familiar place for him, but not something he looks forward to. He gets ulcers every time they work on his mouth, so it has not been fun at all.
My photo for January 11th - my nephew's son. We didn't get to see him on Christmas day, so we gave him his gift today. He was rolling the John Deere tractor back and forth with one of my other nephews. Every time he would roll it, he would bounce up and down. SO cute at two years old. We enjoy every minute we spend with him. He seems to get cuter every day.
Thought I would share some pages I have put together of Christmas this year. As you can see, I totally fell in love with "Little Yellow Bicycle"'s Sharon Ann collection. I took photos of everyone eating Christmas dinner - I know they appreciate getting their picture made with their mouths full!!
Between my dad and my sister, I ended up with photos of all of us taking photos. Thought it made a neet page, since pictures were being snapped right and left!! Since one of my sisters now lives in New Mexico, any time that she comes home we take loads of photos!
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