Saturday, January 10, 2009


Our kitten loves sleeping up in the tree on windy days. I think it is because the wind "rocks" him/her to sleep. This kitten is semi-wild and will not let us get close enough to see if it is a boy or girl. We feed it on our patio and it has a "cat house" and heat lamp to keep warm during the winter (which it LOVES). We are hoping to get it tame soon so that we can take it to the vet for shots and to be spayed or neutered. I love this cat, but can't pet it because of allergies. Oh how I would love to cuddle it and bury my face in its soft fur. Cats are so cuddly. I became a dog person after developing allergies to cats.

Just went out and fed the birds. We had another very warm day on Friday and now the temperature has plummeted 40 degrees with a high wind. The birds really enjoy lots of food and water during bad weather. I may get to try out the patio heater my husband bought me for Christmas today. Not too sure about using it in high wind, though.
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