Thursday, January 8, 2009


I was very fortunate to get my order through for my kit and it came today. I AM SO EXCITED!! I think I will start with January 1st since I have several photos that I have taken since then. I know that there will be days I will miss - I'm just not perfect enough to remember every day.

My son photographed my parents and me eating black-eyed peas on New Years Day. There are usually more of us there for this, but my husband and my sister were both ill. So, we still ate the peas, and they both got room service. That afternoon, there was another fire that threatened houses in my parents' and sisters' neighborhood. Scared us all to death and Penny was quite hysterical, since it was three years to the day (and almost the hour) that her house burned to the ground. As terrifying as that was, everyone was so thankful that no one lost their homes this time. The fire was started by fireworks.

80+ degrees on January third. As you can see, my "babies" were HOT!

Ice on January 5th! The weather is never dull in north Texas. There were downed power lines over in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and people without power. Because of the super warm weather on the third, there wasn't an accumulation of ice on the ground. However, the rain froze on trees, power lines, and overpasses. Messy!!!

Today, the eight of January, I saw 8+ cardinals in our backyard. No matter how many birds I see, the cardinals just amaze me with their beauty. They are very plentiful (obviously) in our backyard, but they are NEVER dull. I also got to see our squirrel. We only have the one, so it is fun to watch him when he is out hunting for food.

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