Monday, January 12, 2009


Snapped this photo of our kitten checking to see if he could reach the bird feeder. So much temptation! We have 3 birdfeeders and hundreds of birds visiting our tree each day. Just too much for one little kitten to handle. He ignores the birds most of the time, but sometimes that curiosity gets the best of him.

I played with Picasa special effects on this one and really like the outcome. I don't have photoshop, and have never used anything other than crop and red-eye fixes. But this one I used soft and then black and white with color. Really like the outcome. Not sure that it is one that a photography expert would like, but this amateur really likes how it came out.

My husband made it to the dentist this morning and they confirmed that he needs a root canal. They don't have any openings until next Monday. Since the infection is so bad, that may be just as well. I just hope the pain lessens really soon. And, to top things off, he scratched his eyeball today whil rubbing his eyes. So, his eye is hurting in addition to his tooth. Talk about adding insult to injury!
Here are a couple more pages from Christmas pages I have made of this year's photos. Nick just loved shipping bubbles. He had more fun with those than any of his toys. Just goes to show you that a 2 year old is going to like the packaging more than the present!!!

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