Friday, September 12, 2008

WHERE I GREW UP has some great kits and the designers are giving away prizes on their blogs if you post a story about the road you grew up on. We lived in the town where I was born for only seven years. My memories of that road are sketchy, but the few that I have are vivid. There was a big hill and some friends lived at the bottom of the hill. We had trees in our front yard and it was back when kids used their imaginations. We rode our tricycles and pretended they were cars and the trees were stores, banks, etc. For a short period of time, my aunt lived down the road and we visited them all the time. It snowed once and when the snow was shoveled off the sidewalk, it was taller than we were--of course, we were only two feet tall! It's funny how we remember such little things about growing up. Just goes to show that the little things really are what make up our lives! So, enjoy the little things!


Dina said...

I love your story...we had snow piles taller than we were, too! That's a great memory! Thanks for participating!

Gigi said...

what a great memory! i remember those huge shoveled snow piles as'd think we all won the lottery when it snowed like that :)