Tuesday, September 16, 2008


We have our first taste of fall this morning. It is rather chilly out -- compared to the summer temperatures! Of course, I know that this winter, the temperature this morning will be warm--but right now it feels cold! I went outside to birdwatch early this morning and my dogs did not appreciate it at all! They didn't think it was fair that I had a jacket and they did not. Never mind that they wouldn't wear one anyway! We didn't stay out long since I was rather cold as well.

Haven't told you about the cool binoculars that my husband got me for my birthday. When he returned the contraption he had purchased in place of the digital binoculars/camera, he got some fantastic binoculars. They are Nikon and zoom from 10-22X magnification! Brings the woods right up to the patio. TOO COOL! He did really good--may have to keep him around.

He and my son were both off work yesterday (he gets every other Monday off). He got our son's shelves put up in his room. We have too much furniture for our house and our son has too much furniture for his small room. It makes it very hard to keep things neat when there is not place to put it. We are hopeful that the shelves will give him a place to store some of the stuff that has no home. He tries to get things put up, but there is no place to put them.

I share his frustration with my scrapbooking supplies. I will share photos of my scrapbook corner soon. The room is 11 x 11 and has a bowflex AND large treadmill in it as well as all of my scrapbook supplies. It is an obstacle course to get to my corner, but at least I have a corner. I know many of you out there scrapbook at the kitchen table. So, although it may be crowded, at least I have a corner and closet!

Taking my sister to her rheumatologist in Dallas this afternoon. We remembered that he had told her to come see him if she was feeling worse, so . . . she called yesterday and we could not believe our good fortune that he had an appointment open this afternoon. YEAH!!! It will be a long afternoon and evening, but hopefully we will get some help for her. She has felt so bad for the past few weeks.

2.5 days until the retreat! Can you tell I'm excited!!!! Cat sent out the agenda and menu for the weekend. She does such a great job with the retreats. I signed up for another one in November! We have a blast. I am working on a baby shower gift and Christmas present this retreat. Taking cardmaking supplies so if I finish the gifts, I can work on cards.

Talk to you later--have a terrific Tuesday!


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