Thursday, September 18, 2008


Well, I'm learning more and more about blogs - I just typed a post up for today and lost it all--AAHHH!!! All because of a misspelled word. Oh well.

Gotta get ready for the retreat. Trying to pack light! :) Working on gifts - baby shower gift (mini album for a GIRL! - something different, since I'm used to doing boy stuff); Recipe album; the "A Penny for your Thoughts" for my sister, Penny. Really looking forward to working of the kit of the month for her! I will post photos of it when I return from the retreat--it is high time I get photos of work on this blog.

Talk to you later!


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vtpuggirl said...

Looking forward to your projects. I can't tell you how often I accidently delete my uploaded photos before I get to post, blogger is tough like that.