Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I was supposed to go to my therapist today, but got into the car, turned the key, and NOTHING happened. Probably a dead battery. However, no stress -- just enjoy the extra time and get a few more things done around the house and to my scarpbook area.

Tomorrow I am going to help my mother work on my sister's office/scrapbook room. It is very cluttered and needs some organization. Since my sister is unable to physically do this, my mother and I are going to do it for her. We want her to be able to go in and scrapbook when she is able. It seems that her condition is rapidly deteriorating, but the new medication the rheumatologist prescribed has not had time to work. We keep hoping and praying that it will help her. Thank God for the new job that is not physically demanding!

Tomorrow is my birthday--turning 51! My husband requested that I give him some ideas of gifts besides scrapbook items. Difficult task, but because of my new birdwatching hobby I was able to give him a list. My parents got a bird field guide so I could identify the birds in our backyard. My husband was going to get me a pair of binoculars that also take photos. However, when he went to Cabela's to purchase them, they explained that although it seems like a great idea, they don't work quite as well as you would expect. He changed over to a spotting scope that had a place to attach my camera. Unfortunately, my camera didn't fit! Poor thing had to return the stuff and exchange it for something else. I told him I thought that was too advanced for me anyway and that a good pair of binoculars would probably be a great gift. We will see what he was able to come up with!
I've got to go so that I can finish organizing my scrap area and make some pages with the photos I have taken of the birds in our backyard. The new Basic Grey Infusion line is screaming for some bird pictures!
Have a great day!

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