Monday, September 29, 2008


I spent Saturday at a ScrapPink pajama party at Cat's. We had a blast and raised money for the Susan G. Komen Foundation along the way. There was a nametag competition and a page making challenge. We had a silent auction, with the proceeds going to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Everyone arrived to find one of the new containers from Options (in pink, of course) on their table, and inside there was a T-shirt, the name tag material, the materials for the page challenge, and, of course, some goodies from Cat!
It was also Alison's birthday, so we had cake. The cake was cute and delicious--scrapbooking theme. Cat also had great food to fuel our creativity. Unfortunately, my creative mojo wasn't flowing, but it wasn't for lack of inspiration. Sometimes it just isn't there. It should return soon. We had fun for 16, count them, 16 hours! WOW! I hope everyone else that participated in ScrapPink had as much fun.
Went to Church yesterday morning and then crashed. The 5 hours of sleep that I got after ScrapPink just wasn't enough. Age does that to you.
Still chillin' today and ended the day playing Keno with my friends. What fun. One of my Keno buddies just finished her last radiation treatment for breast cancer. Her hair is coming back in. Just a reminder of why it is important to participate in breast cancer fundraisers. Anything we can do to help find a cure is well worth our time and money. We might be the next victim--1 in 8 women will have breast cancer. It amazes me when I stop to think of all of the women I care about who have battled this disease.
My dad undergoes his procedure tomorrow. Anxious for that to be over with for him.
So long for now - let you know tomorrow how all goes for my dad.

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