Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Went to the gastroenterologist with my dad and sister this afternoon. They had appointments within 45 minutes of each other with the same doctor, so my mother and I went with them both. We had the sweetest nurse. She put us all in the same room together so we just all saw the doctor at the same time. My sister's test results came out fine, so that was good news.
My dad was scheduled for a colonoscopy in November to remove a large polyp that looked like a thickened fold when they did the last colonoscopy. He has had two different occasions when he lost so much blood that he had to have transfusions. We do not have a definitive answer to why he is losing the blood, but suspect that it is diverticulitis acting up. However, this polyp cannot be left alone since it could easily turn to cancer. Since he has been losing some blood the past couple of days, the doctor moved the surgery up to Tuesday. I dread the preparation for the procedure for him, but am anxious to get this thing taken care of.
Tomorrow is therapist day. I am also going to Cat's to train some more so that I know what I'm doing when she goes to her shows and workshops. Don't want to find out I don't know what to do after she has left--that wouldn't be good. Some girls from the retreat are cropping at the store tomorrow, so we will have a good time when I return from the doctor.

I finally figured out how to load the photos of the baby album in a slideshow. Much easier than trying to post the individual photos. I will try to get some photos of cards posted in the next few days. Lots going on though with more doctor visits and a ScrapPink crop at Cat's this Saturday. Plus, the baby shower for the recipient of the baby album is during ScrapPink! Busy, busy, busy next few days!
Have a great night!

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Joan Fricker said...

I sure hope things go well for our Dad!

I know the baby gift will be loved!