Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Two things to be thankful for today. Cat sent out the grand total for our ScrapPink event on Saturday. We raised $504 for the Susan G. Komen foundation - not bad for a small group! We hope to do even better next year.
The second thing I am thankful for is that my dad's colonoscopy is OVER. They removed the polyp, believe it to be benign, and he is not scheduled for another colonoscopy for a year. Of course, after having 3 in 1 year, he doesn't EVER want to have another (can't blame him there!). I told him that although I totally sympathize with his feelings, that if he doesn't have to have another one before the yearly checkup, he really needs to have that one. We do NOT want him to get colon cancer and he is considered high risk.

The third thing I am thankful about is all of you and your blogs. Your stories inspire me and encourage me to continue on my quest to be more artistic and work to get my work published. I have a long way to go, but it isn't an impossible task.

Have a great evening. Talk to you tomorrow!

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