Saturday, July 11, 2009


These are caards I made for some Splitcoast Challenges and some Unity Stamp Co. challenges. Actually won a stamp for one of the cards on Unity's Hip Hop Thursday. Love to win things!! What was really weird is I thought it wasn't the best card---oh well, nice to know that others saw something in it that I didn't.

Well, it is SOOO hot and we need rain SOOOO bad. Water rationing---you may only water your yard once a week. You can only use your water hose to water animals any other of the days. So, I water the birds twice a day--they are drinking lots of water. It is weird to see the birds "pant"--they all have their little beaks open. Our cat pants so hard. I hate that we are allergic and can't have her in the house. But, she has lots of shade and we keep her watered. So, she should be OK, just uncomfortable. I hope everyones cattle, horses, and other livestock are OK as well.

I have a facebook account--SCARY!!! However, a friend invited me and once I got on there it was amazing how many of my other friends are there. Have reconnected with a lot of the people I used to work with. I owe a phonecall to another friend--she made my day with a thinking of you telephone message. Aren't those fun??

Taking my sister to Dallas to see a surgeon on Monday. Her gallbladder has to be removed and her liver specialist wants it done by one of his associates because of her liver disease. So, we will see how this goes.

That's the only appointment so far for this coming week. The next week is packed. Bryan and my appointment with the surgeon about our bariatric surgery is the next week, along with others. Will be burning up the highways that week. Hopefully the temperature will be a little more pleasant.

Have a great weekend everyon.


BonnieRose said...

all these cards are amazing.. I love them all! great work!

Linda said...

hello Marilyn
your stuff is awsome I love all of it!!! super pretty