Wednesday, May 6, 2009


MONK PARAKEET - I never dreamed that I would see a parakeet that lives outdoors in Texas. This parakeet originates in Argentina, but has become established in some areas to the point of becoming a nuisance. Well, I only think there is one in our neighborhood and he is quite beautiful. I wasn't sure what bird was making these sounds, but I knew it sounded like a rainforest at times. Today I heard the sound and had my binoculars and was able to find him. He is quite hard to see, because if he is bent over eating, he disappears into the leaves. You have to see his head, beak, and eye to really be able to pick him out of the tree. He is sitting in a cottonwood in this photo. He has moved on, not sure where. However, my bird book says that they show up at feeders--I can only hope. However, what a blessing for today--to see such a beautiful bird in Texas! WOW!
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