Saturday, February 21, 2009

PROJECT 365 and randomness

Got a little behind on project 365, but have been taking photos most every day. Just need to print them out. Spent a while this evening doing journaling cards so that I can catch up real quick when I print the photos. I will post photos of pages in a couple of days.
SICK! Bryan came back from Daytona sick; he went to the doctor on Friday and has bronchitis with an upper respiriatory infection. Guess who else is sick - - - you are correct, ME! We shared a couple of Coke Zeroes on the way back from the racetrack on Sunday night - so, now I have his lovely illness. I see a visit to our nurse practitioner on Monday if possible.
Bryan and Butch went to the Dallas Stars game today. They had a great time, even though Bryan doesn't feel well. I stayed home and took Nyquil, Dayquil, blew my nose a lot, watched TV a lot, and slept some. The dogs loved it! Butch came home and asked for Nyquil. I think we are just sharing the wealth around here!!! Lots of people have been blessed with this bug - guess it is our turn!
Butch has training in Oklahoma City soon. I will join him for the last week of training that he has. Plan to take unfinished projects and finish them while he is at school. It will be nice to see our friends in OKC. I know he doesn't like being away from home, but will enjoy visiting them in the evenings.
We were disappointed not to see the shuttle launch while we were in Floriday, but were able to sell our tickets on ebay. Plan to go see the next one. However, this one has been delayed quite some time! Don't know when the next one will go up. Since there aren't too many shuttle missions left, we would like to see one go up. Have heard it is an absolutely amazing experience! I can't even imagine it.
I hadn't flown in ten years before this trip to Florida. As our airplane was taking off, I thought of how amazing a feat the Wright brothers did. How people are able to come up with such amazing ideas and then figure out how to make them work just amazes me. Technology - TV's, computers, etc. - how do people even come up with these ideas???? Scientific minds are just amazing. Of course, they probably can't figure out why we like the crafty things in life either or how we do the things we do. However, our crafty things don't change the world, either. They do make our worlds just a little better and these scrapbooks preserve our story. So, I guess we all have our own little contributions to this world--some just have a greater impact!

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