Thursday, February 5, 2009


I believe this is an orange-crowned warbler. The birds are so plentiful and musical these past few days. Helping me get through some rough times. My uncle has been to ICU three times in two days and went back yesterday and is still there. They discovered that he had suffered a major heart attack. We found out last week that there is very little blood getting through the arteries in the back of his heart and due to the previous damage done to his heart and the bypasses, stints, etc. that have been done, there is nothing that can be done to help him. They are trying medication, but the doctor isn't holding out any hope for the family.

The things we think about at times like these. He is very dear to me and the brother of my dad that we are closest to. In addition, he is one of those people who teaches by the life they lead. He cared for my aunt and none of us had any idea how bad her mind was until he had a heart attack and she stayed at the hospital with him. Their own childrend didn't realize how bad she was. He had taken care of her and never told anyone just how bad it was. She had alzheimers, uncontrollable diabetes, and had other mental issues as well. She also had a bad knee that couldn't be replaced because of her diabetes. He took care of her until the end, even while she was in the nursing home. He spent every day with her.

It is hard to even think of life without him, but we know that we may be doing just that in the very near future. I am thankful that he has had 86 years to spend with his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. When we were growing up, Uncle Kenneth meant: Dentyne gum, lemon drops, coke machine in his shop (we didn't get cokes at home very often!), bright green paint on everything (even the trim of his house - we think he must have bought it in bulk!), best welder in town, fantastic gardener, could fix anything that broke that needed to be welded, and countless other little things that favorite uncles mean to us.

On a happier note, saw a picture of the owner of my LSS at CHA on Shimelle's blog. I was blog hopping last night and almost fell out of my chair when I saw a picture of Cat on Shimelle's blog. WOW! Too funny! She was talking to Donna Downey and Shimelle just happened to snap a photo of Donna at that time. Way cool!

Got a class at Cat's this evening making a heart book using the Little Yellow Bicycle valentine papers. Those papers are gorgeous and I plan to use this book for a wedding present. Just love Little Yellow Bicycle stuff!

Have a great evening!
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