Monday, December 1, 2008


These are some photos from our Thanksgiving. The wonderful dinner at my parents house and a beautiful tree in my mother-in-laws front yard. I hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving and are ready for the December fun to begin! December is BLOWING in where I live. We are under a red flag fire warning, as we were yesterday as well. My sister lost her home almost three years ago under these conditions. I hope and pray no one loses their home during this WINDY, WINDY time.

December 1 - Below is my page for Shimelle's "Journal Your Christmas" class. Taking photos for the Ali Edwards class and still trying to get all the materials ready. I have made the base pages, but had problems locating my divided pages. Wonder of wonders, looked online at a LOCAL office supply store and they have them! Guess it just goes to show you that shopping locally is GOOD and we should try to do that before travelling to the city or going online. In a small town such as where we live, near a large city with lots of shopping possibilities, it is easy to forget how much our local stores have and are willing to get for us. I am very loyal to our local scrapbook store, but sometimes forget about the other shops in town that fight the same battles she does. I hope to post some more later with photos and layouts from my December Daily album. This page will be incorporated into the album, since I want to make one GIANT project. I also plan to incorporate Tim Holtz's 12 Tags of Christmas into this project as well. The good thing about planning this big project is that it will force me to take time to make something for me to remember the holidays

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cyndi said...

i love what you wrote in the forum! You sound just like me!!! My anxiety and depression is mostly under control right now, and i am just recovering from an ear/sinus/cough infection that i had for 2.5 weeks!
your page and what you wrote rocks! I also agree that decorating will force the worked for me here!