Saturday, January 1, 2011


Happy New Year!  I hope that everyone has a wonderful new year, full of love and wonder!  Please be sure to come back every day next week.  I am starting off the new year Growing in Unity.  There will be projects each day featuring Unity stamps and all of the comments for the whole week will be put together and will pick comment number for the winner at the end of the week.  That lucky commenter will win a set of Unity stamps!  One of my goals for 2011 is to create a LOT more.  I've been working all week to get my craft room organized and cleaned up.  I should finish today and be ready to create all year long.  I hope 2011 holds lots of time for creativity for you too!

Instead of so many cards, this year I am going to try to scrapbook a LOT more.  So much to scrap, so little time!

2010 was full of changes and challenges for my son and me.  We both had gastric bypass surgery.  He had every complication possible (no kidding!), while I had none.  Because of all of his complications, we had 3 hospital stays, one emergency surgery, one revision surgery, and 12 endoscopies.  These problems caused him lose weight at an amazing speed and he has lost 150 pounds in 11 months.  He looks amazing and I am so proud of him.  Through all of this, he kept up with college and graduated in December.  So proud of him for this as well.  He never complained about all of the difficulties and you never really realized what he was going through.  However, even his surgeon has said he would have probably given up if faced with all that Bryan went through.  He is planning to attend grad school this spring and start on the journey towards an MBA. 

I have lost 90 pounds since my surgery.  I feel so much better.  There is still another 90 or so pounds to go and I cannot even imagine how life will be after that.  Not sure how long it will take for me to lose that much more--it may take another couple of years.  However, as long as the scales continue in  the downward direction, I am very happy and thankful. 

Needless to say, we are looking forward to 2011 and seeing what it has in store for us.  I hope it has lots of wonderful things in store for us all.

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lynn said...

a big congrats to you and your son (on the weight loss and graduation), marilyn!